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"We found our kayaking trip to be an inspiring, adventurous time!  It was very impressive to us that our guide took an extremely diverse group of participants,  representing all levels of skill, challenging wind conditions, and an unscheduled change of venue, and turned it into a fun and educational experience. 

We had the opportunity to learn about river conditions, kayaking skills and group dynamics and really get into the groove with our surroundings.  Walking away from this experience, we were able to increase our skill level while making new friends. We're looking forward to our next adventure in the great outdoors with the “MOOSE” !"

- Heidi and Denise,

Denise Jenc
Monster Government Solutions
8280 Greensboro Drive
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McLean, VA 22102

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Greg Cronin, CCD is a speaker, trainer, and author with more than 25 years of management experience.  His extensive work in the areas of staff training and leadership development has been the basis for a series of articles published in the American Camp Association’s (ACA) Camping Magazine.  With such titles as "Teaching Health and Safety", "Day Camp Supervision Techniques", and "The ABCD’s of Staff Training", Greg provides step-by-step methods to help professional directors incorporate proven management techniques into daily routines. 

Greg's highly acclaimed staff trainings are designed to help corporations, camps, schools, and retreat centers nationwide.  Outdoor adventure options such as camping, canoeing, rafting, backpacking, kayaking, are available in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  For further information on these exciting trainings, contact Greg Cronin of GC Training Solutions.

New in 2007 are a series of books from ACA called “By the Experts Series.”     Published by Healthy Learning, each paperback contains a compilation of articles from past Camping Magazines which focus on a singular topic.  In the Staff Training Book, Greg has two articles entitled "Are Counselor in Training (CIT) Programs Worth the Risk?" and "Mission Impossible - Staff Orientation at Warp Speed".  His critically acclaimed article "Creating a Leadership Team is Like Making a Cake" is featured in the Leadership Development book.  For a complete list of Books and resources, please visit www.healthylearning.com

After graduating from Penn State University, Greg became a wilderness instructor at Southern Illinois University primarily working with at-risk youth.  His organized camping career started in college with several years at a resident camp before transitioning as a day camp director for over two decades.  Seeing the need for quality staff training in his own program, Greg quickly developed a passion for quality teamwork and began  implementing creative teaching techniques for both staff and supervisors. For more than twenty five years he has expanded on these new training concepts and continues to teach quality staff development through proven management techniques, specific skills, and group dynamics.  
Greg has been a consultant and corporate staff trainer since the mid-1980’s.  In addition to his on-site workshops with many local and national companies, he frequently appears at conferences as a key-note speaker or featured presenter.  He has trained staff from many different industries and has extensive experience in working with corporations, schools, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, churches, outfitters, agencies, and associations.  His innovative workshops have been categorized as informative, fun, interactive, and refreshing.  He brings a unique energy to each organization along with an exceptional ability for working with people to reach a common purpose. 

For further information on these exciting trainings, contact Greg Cronin of  GC Training Solutions.   


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